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Aikido (合気道
the way of harmony and spirit
When did your Martial Arts Journey Start?:-   I started training Wado Ryu karate in 1970, my father took me to my 1st class.. And I've never stopped learning since then!

When did you Start Training in Aikido?:-   In 1977 - Just after a few years of training I was introduced to Sensei George Oughton who help me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. The advice I gained from Sensei Oughton is very much something I still pass on to my students today. He's been one of the biggest influences in my Martial Arts career so far!

What Martial Arts have you studied?:- Aikido, Ju-Jitsu, Aiki-Jitsu, Iaido, Karate

Please can you share the Grades you hold?:-
  8th Dan Aikido, 4th Dan Ju-Jitsu, 3rd Aiki-Jitsu and 2nd Dan Karate       

Favorite technique & why:- Sankyo (kote Hineri)... It's a quick & effective technique that really works! This is the 1st technique I had to use in a serious self-defence situation. Needless to say it got me out of trouble!  
1st thing to point out about all our instructors... for passing on their knowledge they only expect in return that you show passion & willingness to learn. To put in the effort and ask questions! This is the greatest respect a student can pay their Sensei. Our instructors teach for the love of teaching Aikido - their rewards are not financial... They want to see their students enjoy learning, developing their Aikido techniques and to achieve their goals (fitness., weight loss, improve flexibility or / and advance through the grades).
Sensei Warren Butcher (chief Instructor & Co-founder of Kobukan Aikido Association)
Sensei Ray McGarty (Senior Instructor)
When did your Martial Arts Journey Start?:- I started learning Aikido in 1998      

What Martial Arts have you studied:- Just Aikido

Please can you share the grades you hold?:-
  4th Dan Aikido     

Favorite technique & why:- Tough question... I'm torn between Kokyo Nage (breath power throw) which requires great timing... & Sokumen Irimi Nage (entering throw)? I'll say Sokumen Irimi Nage because this technique is so powerful with minimal effort when done correctly & is a great close in throw. 
Martial Arts Journey Started:-
(Fred) I started training in 1996   
(Harvey) I started in 1994       

Started Training in Aikido:-
(Fred) Same year...  
(Harvey) In 2002

Martial Arts:-
Just Aikido
(Harvey) Tang Soo Do & Aikido

Grades Achieved:-
(Fred) 3rd Dan Aikido
(Harvey) 3rd Dan Tang Soo Do & 2nd Dan Aikido

Favorite technique & why:-    
(Fred) So far... Koshi Nage (hip throw) with a Kote Gaeshi (wrist turn over) add-on!
(Harvey) Definitely Shiho Nage (four direction throw) a great technique to do on tall people!

Sensei Fred (Senior Instructor) (left) & Sensei Harvey (Instructor) (right)
Kobukan Aikido Association Club Badge