About Kobukan Aikido Association
Kobukan Aikido Association (KAA) is a North East based club dedicated to teaching traditional Aikido to anyone with the passion to learn. We are a non-profit making organisation, all funds generated cover mat fees / training location costs.

A little bit more on our history...
Established In 1989 KAA was formed by a group of clubs practicing & teaching the martial art of Aikido.
Our club name 'kobukan' was chosen as this was the name of O Sensei (master Morihei Ueshiba) 1st dojo. Roughly translated it means the place (kan) where the martial way (bu, as in Budo) is taught (ko).

KAA has adapted & evolved throughout the years, associated in the past with Aikido's leading martial arts organisations such as the European Aikido Union (EAU) & the British Aikido Board (BAB). We're also proud to have trained & shared in the knowledge of some Aikido greats...

Master Andre Nocquet - (30 July 1914 - 12 March 1999) was a French Aikido teacher holding the rank of 8th Dan. He was one of the very earliest non-Japanese to practice the art.
a former full time apprentice (uchi Deshi) of O Sensei himself! (see pictures below)
After a few years the KAA took the bold steps to become a more independent organisation and to promote Aikido amongst other martial arts & Masters.
Breaking ties with it's past, joined forces with other like minded groups training in a variety of martial arts, (Aikido, Karate, Wado Ryu, Ju-Jitsu, Ninjistsu, Iaido etc..) to form a new organisation called the
'international Aiki Budo Council' (IABC).

The two Main founders for both the KAA & IABC - Sensei George Oughton and Sensei Warren Butcher - travelled the UK promoting Aikido & the KAA. Teaching standards were very high and It wasn't long before a variety of seminar invitations were received to teach across Europe. To this day the KAA has clubs in various world wide locations inc: England, Russia, Bulgaria, Turkey, with links to America & Australia.
Kobukan Aikido Association Club Badge
Kobukan Aikido Association Club Badge
Master Andre Nocquet with O Sensei
Sensei Warren Butcher with Sensei Christian Tissier
Sensei Warren Butcher with Sensei Steven Seagal
Master Andre Nocquet with O Sensei
Aikido (合気道
the way of harmony and spirit
Sensei Christian Tissier - one of the best known European Aikido teachers, who pioneered the art in France. He started training in Aikido as a child in 1962, and trained under Mutsuro Nakazono in Paris until he left for Tokyo in 1969. (pictured with Sensei Warren Butcher left)

Sensei Steven Seagal - 7th dan black belt in Aikido. Seagal began his adult life as an Aikido instructor in Japan. He became the first foreigner to operate an Aikido dojo in Japan. He later moved to the Los Angeles, California, area where he made his film debut in 1988 in 'Above the Law'. By 1991, he had starred in three successful films bring Aikido to the big screen. (Pictured with Sensei Warren Butcher right)
Sensei Alan Ruddock - (10 January 1944 - 2 April 2012) was an Irish Martial Arts pioneer, teacher and writer. He introduced both Aikido & Karate to Ireland and was the founder of the Aiki no Michi and its interpretation of Aikido. Sensei Ruddock was one of the few western Aikido practitioners and only Irish national who studied directly under the founder of Aikido, O Sensei - master Morihei Ueshiba (picture left)
Kobukan Aikido Association Club Badge